DEI Work

Bailey posing in front of a brick wall wearing a blue striped blazer and a white shirt.

Photo description: Bailey posing in front of a brick wall wearing a blue striped blazer, a white shirt, and a gold necklace. 

Bailey specializes in long-term, sustainable DEI strategizing rooted in policy change, carefully scaffolded employee education and institutional buy-in, and community and industry outreach. By bringing together her academic and industry experience, Bailey works to make DEI initiatives accessible and impactful. 

In 2020, Bailey formalized her DEI work by co-founding cardu collective with long-time friend and collaborator, Dr. Chelsey Carter. Cardu Collective is a DEI consulting firm specializing in accessible and sustainable DEI strategy work rooted in equity and justice. 


As of 2022, Bailey handles only outreach/not-for-profit consultations for cardu collective.

Featured Work

In summer 2020, Bailey partnered with OLA Colorado to lead a guided dialogue on allyship. The live event titled "Guided Dialogue on Racism & Privilege: Politics of Allyship"
was recorded and is available to view on the OLA Colorado website, along with notes from the dialogue’s content and reviews on the event and Bailey’s performance.

This recording has been viewed over 1.1k times and is routinely used by DEI professionals, ERG and business leaders, and educators as part of larger conversations on allyship, bias, and DEIA work in professional and educational settings.

Zoom screenshot from the virtual event. Chu (left) is listening to Bailey (right) answer a question.

Photo description: Zoom screenshot from the virtual event. Facilitator Chu May Paing (left) is listening as invited speaker Bailey (right) answers a question. Chu is wearing a white top and glasses. Bailey is wearing a black top with silver hoop earrings and a pink, gold, and green beaded necklace.